got7 @ Mnet M!Countdown 10th Anniversary Special 140724

kim yugyeom 

To me he will always be my best friend. Forever best friend, B to the AM, BamBam. We have known each other for more than 4 years. At first we always argued and I disliked you. And we don’t understand each other. As time goes by, we became friends who can talk about anything. We prepared for a lot of showcases together too. We are always together. I’m thankful to God for allowing me to have a good friend like you. Thank you. Let’s continue to be good friends. +


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Youngjae | JB | Bambam | Mark | JR | Jackson

& bonus triple date

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sorry this is so disgustingly greasy and bad compared to my BTS one but hopefully you like it

Yugyeom is apologizing because while he was signing that fan’s album, he was talking to someone else instead of her~